Shine is sunrise du professore jacky bayili


Sunrise in
My journey on writing university at distance on shanghai

Throught out my pain, the long way for the students...
We wrote often back for an traversery. But a long may for should take
a journey students life.
I wrote this papers just for my mind…

Just ask some questions : Who left an your purpil gift traversey student ?
For this response just have your avenue, yours streets are « dependating »…

My response is just funning school or boring lessons
Oh Believe me Andrew Bell teachers Warwick Uk is the best but some
teachers fly away in my dark blue. I’m deseaspear the lessons in the
dark side on green computing.

Now the professor university are grid and escape in just in yours powerpoints !
Also no complains, no explications, drugs and sales replace some
brainstorming, just depending…

Without articles, without complains I’m deseaspear in my letters ;
If I’m, I am just writng for your pain, my pencil is your
stand up game…
The traversey in students depands money and culture but for me africa
is an jungle, jungle time ?
Ugly and huge people falling out…

Enormious tracts and ugly teachers corruptions.
I am a shina evolutions. I knew i’m old professor in shanghai (english
teachers) but no response, no gain in the student’s world.

If you read my articles just win and break yours pains because my
students traversey is yours victories…
I want one thing discover because my preferate students
cleans my hands.
For understand a traversey in the students way just listen me and
write in deseaspear countries.
French is bad, africa is sad, taiwan is sheeps but america is street…
Tramway and bus are conflicts, no price, no rice just it doesn’t « exists »…

For working in a students way just search the true Shanghai
university. If i am writing in shine in my way blue. I’m french, im
africa i’m a dragon fighting but my response in
My traversey is my pain, no rules, no games its just not explains…

My articles is just complains in yours memories to grow your
evolutions, yours design.
Before to be the best We should learning and trying to shanghai university.
Now the typhoons ecrases my china world, my avenue 7, my commercial 7.

If is my sunshine its just for realised my art. Journey in students…
Article one
Jacky bayili, impossible writers the professorè (shanghai unions)
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